Midi binding for key, scale type, and chord type

Please add midi binding options for key, scale type, and chord type. One single midi cc each that someone can map an encoder or a fixed button to.

Amazing software!

Thanks for the suggestion, this is interesting!

We might be able to add this to our upcoming update which will be released soon.


That would be amazing!

Chordjam is a fantastic plugin for quick LIVE jamming, but it’s missing the key component of being able to quickly switch to new keys and chords to keep up with an evolving composition.

Thanks for your awesome work on this unique suite of plugins!

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What are the chances we’ll see an update within the next couple of weeks that includes this?

I’ve had to switch to another chord app because I can’t control these aspects of Chordjam well enough on stage, but there’s literally nothing else as stable or nicely thought out.

Crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers:t4:

We do have an update coming up. We will do our best :crossed_fingers: