No audio from Playbeat 3 in AUM

New to both AUM and Playbeat, but when I set Playbeat as an audio instrument in AUM, the sequencer is active, but no sound plays like in the standalone app.

What could I be missing?

Hi Negative_Space,

Tanks for reaching out. Can you please make sure you have selected a preset -or- you have loaded samples on Playbeat?

I have, and now it’s happening in the stand alone too. The steps in the sequencer are only half as bright as normal.

Thanks for the screenshot.

Dimmed steps indicate that no sample is loaded on the sequencer(s)
It would be helpful to see if a sample is loaded on the sequencers. Can I please have a screenshot of the preset manager tab?

Also, can you please send us this preset inside a pack so we can investigate?
Here’s how you can create a pack with your own presets:

You can send it to us at contact [at] audiomodern [dot] com

Ah, that was it. I was just pressing the numbers on the bank oat the bottom of the screen, which loaded the steps, but not the samples. After loading the preset through the manager all is working.

If I load a different preset, then pressing on that bank, the name at the top center changes, the steps change, but the samples remain until I load the preset that way, which is why I was confused.

I knew it had to be something simple, Thanks, thanks for the quick reply, and thanks for the awesome apps!

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