Chordjam - Physical keyboard not mapping to Chords in Chordjam as I would expect

Hi there - first off I’m not a keyboard player but happy to dabble.

In Chordjam If I select (running from left to right at the top)

  • Key ‘C’
  • Scale Type ‘Major’
  • Chord Type ‘Major Scale’

… and press the keys one by one C, D, E, F, G , A, B
I get (what I would expect) Chordjam showing me the following chords…
Cmaj, Dmin, Emin, Fmaj, Gmaj, Amin and Bdim

If I now change the key to ‘D’ leaving Scale Type and Chord Type the same - and play
D - Chordjam shows Emin (Ableton’s midi monitor confirms this)
E - Chordjam shows F#min
which is not what I was expecting - if I play a note on the keyboard for a D, I would expect Chordjam to show Dmaj with the selections made.

What can we do to fix this (within Chordjam) as it makes playing from keyboard - much used in the tutorial - somewhat limited and incorrect.

Got it! last thing on the tutorial - keyboard modes, relative or absolute - brilliant! Happy bunny.

Hi Riggar,

Thanks for reaching out and glad it is working for you!
Keep an eye out for our newsletter as there is an awesome update coming really soon :slight_smile: