Sample name and key

Is there a reason why Loopmix doesn’t display the original name of the sample.
I’m forever having to check what key the initial sample was when exporting to my daw.

Also is there going to be any updates where it automatically pitches all your samples to a selective key just like you can in Loopcloud?


Hi 4bars, can you share an example of what you mean by the name of the exported file?

Yes, it is a popular request and we will work on this for our upcoming updates.


As you can see in the pictures you can see the file name in the kits but not when you drag to daw


That is correct. The audio is rendered in real time when you click export, which will export it along with any edits. So, it is no longer the same file as the source file, therefore our engine assigns a new name, unless you decide to name it.

I totally get that but if you’re only rearranging the order or changing the speed that won’t affect the key it’s just a bit of a creative killer when you have to then figure out what key the sample was in or having to revert back to the kit section to find out the name.

Even if you could get it to work like loopcloud, where even if you change the key , it still has the name of the original file but just says processed at the end to let you know that you’ve changed something.

Good point, it is noted and we will try to add this to our update.