Filterstep VST3 Crashing Ableton Live 11.3.2

Anytime I try to open the latest VST3 version of Filterstep (which is what I’ve used on many of my projects) Ableton crashes on Windows 10 version 22H2.

It happens once I add the plugin to a blank track. Instantly crashes Ableton.

I have submitted a request already, but haven’t received a response and was curious if there was any input here.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Hello TESmalley98,
Which is your Live version? Does that happen using both VST & VST3?

I have Live version 11.3.2. and it only occurs with VST3. VST works fine.

Thanks for the info.

We will check what might be the issue with the VST3 version and correct with our upcoming update. Thanks for your patience.

More like Ableton 11.3.2 crashing everything, including M4L devices. Had to revert back to 11.2.6

So far I’ve only had issues with Filterstep. How would one revert back if I run into more issues in the future?

You should always keep a stable version when you try out a new one so that you can simply run it instead. If on the other hand you have overwritten the stable version, you’ll need to look for previous versions in your Ableton account and install it back again.

Yeah I realized that now. I made the unfortunate mistake of having automatic updates turned on.

Thank you for reporting,

Similar feedback has been brought to our attention by other users using Live 11.3.2. We are currently investigating the root cause of the problem.