Loopmix 1.1.0 stops to work after few minutes

Hello, Loopmix 1.1.0 is unusable on my mac book pro as standalone or in Cubase 12.

  • Mac Book pro 14 (Apple M1 Pro)
    -MacOS 12.2
  • 16 RAM
  • 1 To SSD



Hello aursel,

What exactly do you mean, how the plugin stops working? Is it that there is no sound or you get any kind of error warning?

Loaded instance is freezed, with loading cursor

Thanks for the information,

Is the app freezing always at the same time, or it it totally random?

Can you tell if the computer is performing some other action at this point e.g. external drive which contains the samples goes to sleep mode etc…

After the app is freezing do you get a crash log from Cubase 12?

Could you please try and uninstall and do a fresh re-installation of Loopmix?
(Make sure you backup and export your custom packs first.)

Hello, i have finally a cubase 12 crash report file. can i send it to you by mail ?


Absolutely, you can send it to us here: https://audiomodern.zendesk.com/hc/en-us or via PM.