Hover tips to make the UI more discoverable

Ableton has spoiled me with the help that appears when you hover over every UI element. I would love it if Audiomodern’s plugins offered something like this - just brief help or a tooltip when you hover over each UI element, if you’re using a system with a mouse. Although there are manuals, I prefer to learn by exploring, and when I forget something it’d be so much easier just to hover and be reminded than to have to leave the flow and dig around in my filesystem for that PDF manual. I’m noticing this in Playbeat at the moment but it would be great to see in all the Audiomodern plugins.


Hello and thanks for reaching out.

Indeed we add context description on hover for all apps and will be available as new updates roll out, among several other new features as well!

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I came to this forum specific to request this feature. lol I have been using Riffer for quite a while now and have it fairly figured out. I upgraded from Playbeat 2 to 3 yesterday though, but haven’t used this much. The learning curve isn’t too terrible, but it’s definitely harder for me having to guess what some of the buttons are for (without consulting a manual or video). I’m more of a hands on learner, and tooltips would go a long way!

When will this feature be available? I use the VST2 versions in Reaper and neither Riffer or Playbeat 3 have tooltips for me. Thank you.

Hello nait,

Thanks for your feedback. We are working on hover context description. Hopefully will be added to the next update.

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Would love to see this feature.

Hi, has there been any progress on this for Playbeat? I have the latest version and still no Tooltips!!

Indeed, tooltips will be present with our next version 3.1.6