Hover tips to make the UI more discoverable

Ableton has spoiled me with the help that appears when you hover over every UI element. I would love it if Audiomodern’s plugins offered something like this - just brief help or a tooltip when you hover over each UI element, if you’re using a system with a mouse. Although there are manuals, I prefer to learn by exploring, and when I forget something it’d be so much easier just to hover and be reminded than to have to leave the flow and dig around in my filesystem for that PDF manual. I’m noticing this in Playbeat at the moment but it would be great to see in all the Audiomodern plugins.


Hello and thanks for reaching out.

Indeed we add context description on hover for all apps and will be available as new updates roll out, among several other new features as well!

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I came to this forum specific to request this feature. lol I have been using Riffer for quite a while now and have it fairly figured out. I upgraded from Playbeat 2 to 3 yesterday though, but haven’t used this much. The learning curve isn’t too terrible, but it’s definitely harder for me having to guess what some of the buttons are for (without consulting a manual or video). I’m more of a hands on learner, and tooltips would go a long way!

When will this feature be available? I use the VST2 versions in Reaper and neither Riffer or Playbeat 3 have tooltips for me. Thank you.

Hello nait,

Thanks for your feedback. We are working on hover context description. Hopefully will be added to the next update.

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Would love to see this feature.

Hi, has there been any progress on this for Playbeat? I have the latest version and still no Tooltips!!

Indeed, tooltips will be present with our next version 3.1.6


@Audiomodern I’ve just installed version 3.1.7 and there are still no tooltips? Are there still plans to add this feature?

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At this point here’s what I think about the company: you go to YouTube (or even here on the forum) and see them replying so nicely like “oh that’s an amazing feature, we will add that to our next update”. Reading the comments here on the forum seems to me that those replies are just a marketing strategy to make the company sound super in touch with their customers (or potential customers) and more “friendly”. But then apparently the updates that would include those “amazing ideas and suggestions” come and nothing happens. LoopMix doesn’t have this either.

It’s really sad and disappointing seeing companies that pretend to care about what their customers say, but then clearly show they don’t. They have their ideas and that’s it…

The original post was from a year ago. ONE YEAR! Are you telling me that it takes 365 days to implement this feature? Come on…! Sure, there are maybe other priorities, but if you have time to create a new plugin (LoopMix), the fact that you didn’t stay true to your word, shows that you don’t value your customers requests or even your promises.

End of rant…

Stop promising things you can’t keep. Apparently 3.1.7 still doesn’t have them…
What’s the point of saying something will be there, if it’s not even implemented?

Sorry that you feel that way, i guess most companies you deal with treat you the same, so we can’t blame you.

If you follow Audiomodern for some time you would see that 99% of the features that are requested from our users on our social or on this forum are already delivered. In fact, our updates after version 1.0.0 include mostly user requests and only a few of our own ideas on further development.

To prove this, you may just have a quick look on Riffer version 1.0, Playbeat version 1.0 and so on… and see each and every improvement for yourself. Not to mention that nearly all of those updates & expansions are provided for free.

The fact that we haven’t yet included tooltips is true, but we don’t see it as urgent as other requests. Our apps only have so few buttons that one can learn after watching our walkthrough video(s).

In addition, i can see that most of your personal requests are already there, so i would suggest to spend some more time on our videos and less time falsely accusing the company culture and i guarantee that you will make the most of the apps, even with tool-tips not yet delivered.


The issue here is not the priorities. The issue is that on your end, if a year ago someone said “we will include it on our next update”, we would assume that that feature was already implemented. Then the 2nd update came out… no feature. It’s not about priorities, which I understand, it’s about letting people know something is coming, when it seems it was not even on the list for the next update or maybe not even at all. If you create expectations, fulfill them. That’s all your customers expect. Or aren’t you a customer of other companies as well? How do you deal with them promising this or that and then failing to deliver?
If you don’t have it implemented, just don’t talk about it. That’s all.

The issue here is not the improvements. I wouldn’t expect your products to stay stagnant, of course. The issue is what I just mentioned above.

This (what you just said) has nothing to do with mentioning something and not delivering it. The decision to not charge for those updates is yours, we either accept it or not. We are talking about the proper communication with your customers. That’s all. I don’t need “nice, polite comments” on my comments. I need a product/service from a company that delivers what they promised. It’s super simple.

Actually, this is not true. If you go back to all the posts I started so far, I would say that maybe only 1 is “solved”. Maybe some things are not completely understood by the person replying to the post, but that doesn’t mean that the feature is already there, because it’s not.

And I’m not falsely accusing the company. I use what you share publicly to share my thoughts. If you promise something and you don’t deliver, that’s not a false accusation.

I’m not debating the quality of the products, otherwise, trust me, I wouldn’t even be here wasting my time. I would move on to the next company. The fact that I’m debating your communication and I take the time to write about the features and why they are useful to ALL users, not just me, it’s because I believe in the products and I would like them to be even better. I think it’s a pretty clear thing to understand, in my opinion.

What i mention as ‘improvements’ are actually user requests that have been implemented already. Therefore the apps are improved continuously based on those exact requests.

If you use any of our apps, then chances are you already use what others have suggested before you. The fact the tooltips have not been delivered yet, has nothing to do with us not delivering and improving the software. I won’t even debate here what you say about the value we show to our users.

I do respect your opinion, but for any company that is developing software makes zero sense whatsoever.

Why would we hire someone to roam on you-tube and forums and post ‘friendly’ comments about features that are not about to be implemented and not instead taking the feedback to actually improve the apps? User feedback is one of the most important feed we take and filer out every single day.

I’m sorry but you lost me at roaming on YouTube & forums for marketing purposes as a strategy.
It sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory.


Sure… because marketing doesn’t exist and I have no idea what marketing is. Anyway…

You are still not understanding my point. This has nothing to do with improving, or developing software. If you scroll back the original post was from November 2021. The same month, it was said that the next update was going to include that. It wasn’t. So if someone said it was going to be on the next update, wouldn’t that mean that the person saying it was aware that the feature was already implemented? If not, why would they say it in the first place?
Then this year, someone mentioned that a NEW update was out and still not there. So something that was supposedly implemented already (otherwise, why saying it was coming?) was clearly not there yet.

We could debate this the whole day, but it seems that you are not willing to assume that something was promised to the customer(s) and wasn’t delivered. But here’s what was said, to refresh your memory:

Take some time to look at the dates and how many times it was said it was coming… YOU even said it: “Tooltips will be present with our next version 3.1.6”. YOU! You said “will be present”. Version 3.1.7 came… no tooltips.

What a conspiracy theory…!

You may have the best knowledge about Marketing, still, having someone roaming on YouTube & forums all day as a marketing strategy for me sounds (besides something really expensive to do) like a conspiracy theory.

I never said I have the “best” knowledge about marketing. I have enough and I know that pleasing customers, and especially potential customers, is a strategy. I’m not complaining about good customer service. Actually, that’s the thing I value the most in a company. But if I’m promised something and the company doesn’t deliver, that’s bad customer service. We are talking about tooltips, but it could be something else. It doesn’t matter. What’s important is a company’s word and delivery. I rather have a company say: we are not planning on implementing that in the next 6 months, but we will after that. I rather wait 6 months, because I know how developing software takes time, than being like “update XZY is now here and they promised this feature” to then open the plugin and realize it’s not there.

As I said, you are a customer yourself, so don’t make this about “me”. Acknowledge that you should pay more attention to what you put out there, because customers will pay attention.

I’m not even going to comment on the “conspiracy theory”, because it seems to be an easy way to attack people nowadays…

Anyway, these are just my thoughts. Let’s move on…

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I’m not attacking you, really. But you said that we have hired someone to roam on YouTube & forums to post ‘friendly’ comments and we are doing this as a marketing strategy.
We do invest on our marketing strategy, but not this way.

As for tool tips, indeed this feature was set to be added with 3.1.6. However, we needed to solve more urgent issues first and since we have several tutorials for each of our products and the products are easy-to-use, tool tips were postponed for a future update.

We are currently working on major updates for all of our plugins. Tool tips will be added after the major updates are launched.

This is one of the features I came to ask about. I am sorry to see a thread like this descend into a degree of nastiness. I am an old(er) bugger who used to manage a development team, so I can see this from both sides. From the developer side, it is quite difficult to manage many feature requests in a way that pleases everyone. From the consumer side, what is most important is clear and consistent communications.

Might I suggest that Audiomodern publish a roadmap for future development? Each feature can be marked with its priority. As features are complete, these can be shown under a future release. Consumers then don’t need to guess as to what is and isn’t coming. They might still argue over feature priority, but that happens anyway!

Support can then simply refer all such requests for information to the Roadmap. This saves them time and reduces the chances of error.

Thank you robin0112358,
This could work, we will think about that.

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