Riffer: Footnote Tooltip Help

Hello Audio Modern.
Feature Request for Riffer please:

A “footnote tooltip help” when user rolls over UI items in Riffer with brief explanation.
I am attaching an image to visually explain.

If the user rolls mouse over “All” (which I circled in yellow to help explain),
then a footnote help section would explain what this is.

This tooltip would work for all areas in the UI to help offer explanation on Riffer, without having to go back to videos or manual to find out what they are. Much more efficient workflow.
Thank you. Amado

Hello Amando,

This is a popular request, we have already implemented tool-tips on our latest Freezr app, we are adding this to the rest of the apps. Thanks for your patience.

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Nice, Thanks Audio Modern.
I checked in Freezer and see what you mean.
It has the tooltip feature. Thanks, yes this works.
It helps to learn the tool and can be turned off in setting. Perfect.
Yes something like this for Riffer would be nice. Awesome :slight_smile: