FLAC support in Loopmix, please

Hi! First, Loopmix is a thing I’ve dreamed of for many years, and here it is at last! I have only one small but important request - please add FLAC support. I have tons of FLAC loops and samples and it allows me to keep my disk space under control, while WAV/AIFF seems like a wastefulness. Otherwise, I am absolutely delighted.


Hi Shramm,
Thanks for reaching out and for your feedback on our new app.
Yes, that would be possible to add. Stay tuned for our upcoming updates.



Yes please, it would very useful to support FLAC format. Looking forward to see this feature added.

I still don’t use Loopmix (although I bought it) only because it doesn’t support FLAC

Our upcoming update will support .aif and .mp3 files, we’re still investigating if there is an option to support FLAC files too.

UPDATE: We can support FLAC files, we will include this to our upcoming 1.1.0 that is soon to be released.


Thank you! That’s really good news!