Expecting Loopmix to start playing for recording inside GarageBand iOS, right after count of 4

So I set up a couple of loops, randomised them with the big red button. Inside GB song editor, latest GarageBand, iOS/iPadOS 15.7.1, Apple Silicon iPad Pro 12.9” M1.

The ‘sync’ is on. There’s bits of the loops highlighted. Loopmix’s transport shows a little black arrow in a red circle up top.

I am expecting, that when I tap GB’s ‘record’ button, the countdown of 4 will happen, then Loopmix will start right on cue, and once I stop it, I will have some MIDI blocs produced. That little black arrow on a red circle, will during the time of recording, turn into a little ‘stop’ shape of a black square on the little red circle of Loopmix’s transport section.

I am fine even with making that left top icon, be on the ‘keyboard’ icon, instead of the ‘play’ icon. But then I would expect, I tap the key, and still nothing happens until I hit the host (GarageBand’s) ‘record’ icon. And after the count of 4.

I enclose a pic of what I see - anyone know, how to get this to work?

The closest I got was a non-WYHIWYG situation where the Loopmix app plays out of sync, but actually DOES record in sync with the GB host app.

However, it all seems bizarre how it works - I have to set it to the ‘keyboard’ icon of loopmix top left, then I hit GB’s ‘record’ then while that’s counting down the 4 beats intro, I tap Loopmix’s key at the bottom in the performance section, and of course it starts right away, which is not in time with the GB other tracks I have.

But, it SEEMS to have recorded properly a MIDI bloc at the end.

However, the clash is so horribly out of sync, when this happens, I can’t tell if things are going alright or not?!

EG I have other small amounts of percussion playing, and by them, I can tell Loopmix is not WYHIWYG.

Any ideas? Anyone else recording with Loopmix inside GB?

Lastly, obviously if I do manage to get Loopmix to record a MIDI bloc, I then might truncate MIDI lines etc inside that. I definitely need, that Loopmix does NOT thereafter, start playing like a beatbox, when I press GB’s ‘play’ transport icon.

I need it at that point, to hold in abeyance and only play the instruction given by the MIDI bloc.

Any pointers are gladly received. Like Loopmix, just trying to get to grips with it.

My best regards to all. see pic for my view in GB, although you will all know what it looks like.

Hi, just to note, playing with LoopMix right now, and the business of playing back once some MIDI blocs are down, works fine - I just make sure that little combo on the top left of two icons, the play arrow, and the keyboard icons, has the keyboard one highlit.

So, that’s not in doubt. Perfectly okay that there’s one mode for playing/recording a track or MIDI blocs, and another for playback, although if you don’t have the app up, it will possibly cut in as soon as you hit ‘play’. Hmm, anyway, it’s not a confusing aspect, because I understand what’s what there.

My best.