Drag/Drop in Chordjam

Hi there,

I just purchased Chordjam and it is very nice. I am using it with Bitwig Studio 5.0.6

I noticed if you use the inspect tool, it says you can drag/drop midi or audio. The first thing I tried was to drop some audio that was in my project fromthe arranger, but the drop target wouldnt accept it. It’s the same with MIDI clips coming from Bitwig.

I think this might be a problem on your end as I have other plugins that do accept MIDI/audio dropped from the DAW. It would ge super helpful if this was fixable.

Thanks a lot

Hello Jumpstar,

I assume this is a DAW related issue, is it working when dropping any sample/midi from your drive directly?

Hi there,

No, that was odd too, I wasn’t able to drop from file explorer either. I had to press the button and use the file open dialog.

This is Windows 11, just fyi.