Chordjam IOS Updates

Hi there
I was just wondering if there are planned updates scheduled for Chordjam IOS in the near future? I also would be interested in becoming a Beta tester for any planned updates

Hello Paul I hope you’re doing well and safe,
welcome to the new Audiomodern community forum!
The new Chordjam version 1.1.1 is ready and has more than 10 new and most requested features by the users. Hopefully we will be able to publish it next week!
If you are interested to become a beta tester please send us your email via PM and we will add you in the beta list.

Thanks Miltos, that’s great news.
My TestFlight email address is
the same:


I am really looking forward to the update.


Hello Paul,

I’ve just sent you a Testflight invitation for version 1.1.1

What’s new?
• Added Voicing Inversions
• Lock Individual Voices
• Added Individual MIDI outputs (Sequencers/Keys/Pads)
• Added Voicing Distribution (individual MIDI channels)
• Added MIDI file Detection
• Added Arp Trigger
• Option to Trigger Pads & Presets from Keyboard
• Export/Share Presets across Different Devices
• Added Redo Button
• Option to Edit a Chord once it is stored into a Pad
• Added Modulation Functionality
• Added Sustain Pedal Functionality
• Added Velocity Input Detection Mode

Let us know if you have any questions,

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Thank you so much Max, I am really looking forward to trying out the new features.
Have a great day and weekend.


Hi Max
Can you please explain the MIDI file detection feature , and let me know how I access it , as I don’t see any options for this feature.


One more thing Max
Are you okay with me posting an update on the new features in the Chordjam discussion thread on the Audiobus forum? If not I totally understand too.
I would like to give the app as much publicity as I can , as it really is unique in what it offers , in my opinion, in the IOS music app world.


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Hi Paul,
In previous version you could only drop/import .wav files to use the scale detection feature, now you can also import MIDI files in the same window.

Sure, not a problem by us. Go ahead!