Chordjam 1.1.2 - Changing the built-in sound on iPad?

Hi all!

Is there a way to change the built-in sound on Chordjam 1.1.2 iPad to something cleaner? A simple electric piano would be soooo much better than this built-in sound.
I can’t hear the difference between some chords because the built-in “computer wind instrument” - thing is so muddy sounding and its response is slow, it starts later than pressing the chord buttons.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Duke,

The current version of Chordjam includes only this basic built-in sound, as it is intended to be used as a MIDI tool.
We are working to build a new version of Chordjam with more advanced features. More built-in sounds will be included as well.

The built-in sound can also be deactivated through the Settings tab.


Thanks for the answer, Katerina!
About when this new version is coming out?

Another question: can I connect Chordjam with Garage Band on iPad? What’s needed for this? I checked the manual but I suppose it’s about routing to desktop DAWs.


Thanks for asking! Our developers are working on the new version and we do not know when it will be released.

As for Garage Band, it does not support MIDI tools and for this reason, both Chordjam and Riffer can not be used with it.

However, you could get in touch with them directly, just in case there’s something we are missing. :slight_smile:

Hi Katerina,

Thanks for the answer! I use Scaler2 as well and it works fine with Garage Band using Audio Unit Extensions. Everything I play in GB using Scaler2 is recorded in GB as MIDI information.
Does Chordjam support AUE?


Thanks for letting us know @Duke.

Chordjam’s AUv3 is AUE. However, Chordjam is a pure MIDI effect and for this reason it is not supported by Garage Band.

I forwarded this to our developers to investigate further and it’s very possible that we’ll provide a solution with another AUv3 type soon. I’ll keep you posted on any news :slight_smile:

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Wow, this is very good news, thanks Katerina! Waiting on the news! I really like Chordjam, that’s why I am asking. :wink:

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Hi Katerina!

Do you have any update about the AUv3 solution you mentioned?


Another question: I’d just want to use Chordjam on iPad with any different sound/tone than the built-in sound. A simple (if it’s free, it’s the best), clean sounding piano sound would be the best. Which other app should I use to achieve the connection between Chordjam and the piano app? Can you recommend apps for me (one for MIDI connection, one for a simple piano sound).
I searched for a Chordjam iOS manual but I only found manual about the desktop version.


Hello Duke,

There are a few Piano apps which you can use without the need to use a DAW. For example you can download the free KORG Module and open it along with Chordjam.

You just need to make sure that you enable the Background audio via KORG Module’s settings, and then choose this app as output(s) in Chordjam MIDI Outputs settings (gear icon)

Let me know if this works for you.

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Hi Max!

It works! Thanks!