Chordjam IOS can’t connect to Ableton Link

Hi! Just bought Chordjam on iPad and trying make it work with Ableton on MacBook. MIDI connection works fine, however it is stuck in searching to devices state and doesn’t see Ableton. I have allowed it to scan local network when the iOS prompt asked me.

Ableton Note connects to Link with no problem in the same setup. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

This is Ableton Note settings with Link connection working.

Hello medlennobystro,
Link should work perfectly between Chordjam and Live. Can you please make sure both devices are connected on the same network?

Hi, I’m having the same problem with Riffer on iOS. Same network and plugged into the mac but it isn’t seeing any of the Link enabled software. I have Ableton and Endlesss running on the mac and they see each other no problem. I get the same infinite spin when looking for peers.

I did the whole ‘trust this mac’ thing so I know that’s not a problem. I can also see the iPad in the macOS Audio Midi setup.

Thanks for any troubleshooting tips!

Cheers, Jeff

Hello lwlkc,

Thank you for reaching out. Have you checked this troubleshooting guide?