What’s about ‚crossgrades‘?

Hey @audiomodern & Users

I wonder, if it wouldn‘t be an option to sell crossgrades. Don‘t get me wrong, You Make Wonderful Plugins and should Not Sell off Your beautiful Software.
I am a Long time Customer on IOS („back in the days of playbeat (1)“ :smile:) But now, I would also like to use Playbeat/Riffer/Chordjam as a Desktop App also and thought about if there is any Option to „crossgrade“ to Desktop - I own every Single plugin on IOS and like to Crossgrade all of them to the Audiomodern Desktop Suite (your other Plugins are free, so I didn‘t mention them seperately).

I guess there would be More interested Users, so I opened this Thread.

Hello Baze, I hope you’re doing well.

Thanks for reaching out, that certainly is an interesting topic and thanks for posting this here.

We do have an upgrade/cross-grade path already set up on the website (Account Dashboard) which at the moment works only for the Desktop version for the apps. The reason is that although we would like to add the iOS version too, Apple does not share any information of its iOS users with us due to their privacy policies, therefore we are totally unaware which users do have the iOS apps and which not as the purchase and ‘registration’ is handled by the App Store only, otherwise we would have added that option on our upgrade system.

If you’re interested on the Desktop versions we’ll be happy to offer a discount, feel free to reach out to our support here: https://audiomodern.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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I‘ll for sure do this :blush:
And This superfast respond shows, that you rock :+1: