Use iOS version of Riffer to control version on PC/Mac DAW

Simply put, I love Riffer and own it on both my computer and iPad. I found the experience of using it with a touchscreen to be superb. It would be amazing if iOS Riffer could be used as a remote control for the computer plugin version over a local network. Wouldn’t need to transmit any audio either, just control the interface on Riffer VST. Please consider this a feature request.

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cool idea,
maybe you can find an alternative with Duet ?

Hi jpp,

Good idea, we will think about this.
@nay-seven this is a great tip!

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I appreciate you considering that! It’s a great opportunity to cross sell and would add unique market advantage no other competitor is doing for what seems like not a huge engineering cost.

@nay-seven I set it up with Splashtop and the experience was pretty good honestly but having it built in would be even better.