Soundsets download error for Loopmix iOS and iPadOS


As title, I just got loopmix and it takes all the time and gets right to the end of the soundset download, then says ‘error download failed’ or similar. Patently, it’s a terminating of the download that goes awry? Did it twice, same result.

Other devs have occasionally had issues they fixed with some work, and then they got these issues resolved - happened before with a big Schoenebeck/crudebyte (heavy brass etc) download. Often the dev says ‘wifi issues at the user end’ so please don’t?!

Hopefully you can fix it, bad start but not life or death. iPad Pro 12.9” M1, latest 15.7.1 I think it called.

My best
Ian Richard margetts aka richard getts (‘Hot Woman Cool T-bird’ etc on itunes).

Hi sleekitwan,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that. For the delivery of the factory soundset on iOS we are using Amazon which should be one of the fastest, if not the fastest and most reliable solution on the net.

There could be many factors that could cause the download to fail. To solve this, I will send you the Factory soundest via an external link so you can import it to Loopmix.

Please check your PM.

Hi thanks for prompt response…

Now as one last gasp, what I did was to unplug my Belkin TB3 dock Fu095, and it’s also cascaded to a USB3 hub that is where my Launchkey 61 and 9 buck qwerty cabled keyboard attach.

This worked, but of course I cannot definitively say that’s what fixed it - maybe just waiting 2 hours something changed, I don’t know.

If i was testing properly i would delete and re-install and try the whole thing over…but that’s not the point here!

Anyway, thanks for the link and the response.

One last thing - at the point of suggesting i download soundsets, the app also said ‘factory presets can be downloaded later’.

Are thse two things actually the one download, and they just changed the word from soundset to preset? If it’s not, I cannot see a separate way to download ‘factory presets’ as opposed to the soundsets 1.5Gb download.

Anyway, thanks again, take care, I seem to be started.

best regards

Ian richard margetts aka richard getts, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, UK.

Yes, Presets and Loops are included in one single download, it is the same thing.