Riffer magic mouse scroll problem

Is there a way to lock the piano roll as the slightest touch of my very sensitive magic mouse sends the piano roll all over the place. I want to lock it on say one octave. I have gone through each of the four channels and saved them as a preset but it keeps flying all over the place when I accidentally touch the top of the mouse. Thanks.

Hello jonny91,

We haven’t tested this with a magic mouse, is it scrolling up/down or does it affect the range of the piano roll window?

It affects both and makes it unusable. Could we have a feature where we pick the notes instead of scale the same way the Roland Cloud tb-303 does it. Many thanks. Sorry, I should have not said unusable. It is just frustrating and not fun. Maybe I should get a separate mouse to use with it.

Thanks for the info,

We will investigate the problem and see how this affects the Magic Mouse.