Riffer crashes using two instances in Ableton Live 11

As the title says. Crash happens when dice is rolled on second instance.

Hello countdooku,
Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that.

Can you please tell me if that is happening when using the VST, VST3 version or both?
Additionally, could you please send us the crash-log that is generated so we can inspect it?


here is the crash log Ableton Crash Report 2022-05-08 093456 Live 11.1.1.zip - Google Drive

happens with both VST and VST3

And it seems to only be happening when i restrict the range to a single note, and the notes are directly adjacent to each other chromatically (i have Riffer 1 playing C2, and Riffer 2 playing C#2)

Thank you for the Crash-logs. It seems that you are using an older Riffer version, while the latest updates can be found on your account, i have sent you a PM with the latest 3.1.1


works, thank you very much!