Riffer and ChordJam out of sync in Logic Pro for iPad

If I use Riffer or ChordJam as a Midi FX in Logic Pro for iPad they run out of sync with the project tempo, even if the plugins show the correct daw tempo. They both work fine in AUM. The arpeggiator in Scaler 2 has the same issue, so I would think it is related to Logic, but the Bram Bos plugins do work in sync.
I’m using the plugins on an iPad Pro M2.

I haven’t found any posts about this. Am I the only one having this problem?

Hello paulbaarn,

Thanks for reaching out. Have you tried to switch between 44.1/48 Sample rate of the project?
Do you have the same issue in both cases?

That was it! It works perfectly in 44.1kHz. On 48kHz it is out of sync. Thank you.