Recording MIDI output from Playbeat

Loving the randomisation feature in Playbeat - not sure best way to record it though - I want to leave Playbeat playing and record the Midi that it outputs (the random generated notes). Is that the normal way to do it? I’m in Cubase 11 - do I just add a Midi track and set input to be Playbeat’s output?
Or is there much more logical way of doing this?

Hi Mosaic,
Exactly, that is the way to record the MIDI/Performance in real time if you don’t want to use the drag ‘n’ drop for each pattern that is created.


Thanks for the reply. I was just trying to understand the best workflow when using a DAW.

So I could randomise manually then drag over the MIDI, randomise again and drag over etc. Is that what you meant?

Same logic of course for audio - maybe that would work better actually - if I kept randomising manually then dragging over would the individual audio pieces join together perfectly - ie, no clicking between the bars?

That is correct, you can use Drag ‘n’ Drop for both MIDI and Audio, unless you wand to record a long performance where is best to simply record everything into a new track.