Playbeat Lite 'Lock' buttons?

I bought Beat magazine for the Playbeat Lite, however the interface looks slightly different to the one in the video I was watching (which was definitely the ‘Lite’ version).
Specifically I can’t see the ‘Lock’ buttons that appear (in the video) to the right of each pattern row ?
Thanks for looking.

Hello Cyborg99,

Thanks for reaching out. The lite version of Playbeat that came with Beat Magazine earlier this year, was an older (version 2.0) of Playbeat and not the recent version 3+ , therefore many functions may be much different from our recent version.

Hope this makes sense!

Thank s for replying.
I did get the full version today , but I’m trying to figure how to get Playbeat to trigger different notes on a VST in Studio One.

Have you checked the MIDI output settings?