Playbeat 3 IOS multibus output

Playbeat 3 shows up in AUMs multibus support list and one can setup up several AUM tracks reading from a single Playbeat instance on outputs 2 to 9 (8 busses) BUT i didn‘t find any settings in Playbeat 3 itself to use these outputs.

I searched in Playbeat 3s mixer page where this kind of setting would belong. I tapped/doubletapped wherever it seemed appropriate to hide such a feature. Searched in the settings, on the sample editor and in the sample overview.

The manual also doesn‘t mention on how to enable output to separate busses.

So either the addition of the multiout node is wrong (if not supported by Playbeat) or Playbeat is missing a setting to enable them.

Regards, -ki


v1.0.1 removed the multibus output nodes to no longer confuse :+1:

Perhaps they return in a future update, if you find a suitable place to control the bus distribution in the mixer UI and have the resources to add them. Multibus output support is a cool feature that would fit quite well with Playbeat

Regards, -ki

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Hello -Ki,
We have identified a minor issue on iOS which will be corrected after today’s 1.0.1 update.
Thanks for your patience!