Playbeat 3.1 update Intoducing new 'SMART' Algorithm

Hello People!

We’re super excited to introduce you to our brand-new ‘SMART’ algorithm, a revolutionary new technology developed over the past year by the brightest minds of Audiomodern.

We’re taking a unique step into a new field of A.I. for music production software. You can now train the app to learn your preferred patterns with your day-to-day activity, the app then adapts to your own style and it generates personalized patterns to achieve the perfect user experience. In this way, as you improve, it becomes more advanced to suit your needs.

SMART Algorithm is now featured on Playbeat 3.1.0 update which is available for download now along with three FREE Packs!

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I have playbeat Lite, am thinking of getting the full version.
Thinking it would be cool to use existing MIDI patterns in Playbeat as a starting point, and even cooler if they could be marked as ‘smart’ to use things like human timing from them.
Might that be possible in future?
Also be cool if I could tap in a starter pattern using my MIDI keyboard and use that as a basis -is that possible now or in the future?

Hello Cyborg99,

Both are already requested features and we’re working on both of these.

Stay tuned

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