Panflow cashes FL Studio ( [64Bit]

This happens a lot. Here’s what FL Studio said about the crash.

FL Studio ( [64Bit] r27090 has encountered an error and needs to restart.

Crash log saved to D:\Image-Line\FL Studio\Support\Logs\Crash\ folder.

Please use Ctrl+C to copy this message and report to support.

Access violation at address 00007FFA50399DC4 in module ‘Panflow.dll’. Read of address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
00007FFA50100000:00007FFA50399DC4: Panflow.dll
00007FFA50100000:00007FFA503DE92E: Panflow.dll
00007FFA50100000:00007FFA5017F738: Panflow.dll
00007FFA50100000:00007FFA5017F3C8: Panflow.dll
00007FFACE7B0000:00007FFACE7BE858: USER32.dll
00007FFACE7B0000:00007FFACE7BE299: USER32.dll
0000000002AD0000:0000000002FE342A: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000002AD0000:0000000002FE3498: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000002AD0000:0000000002FE396A: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000002AD0000:000000000377BEA4: FLEngine_x64.dll
00007FF647EE0000:00007FF647EE3A66: FL64.exe
00007FF647EE0000:00007FF647EE3DEB: FL64.exe
00007FF647EE0000:00007FF647EE50C6: FL64.exe
00007FFACE130000:00007FFACE147034: KERNEL32.DLL
00007FFACFD10000:00007FFACFD62651: ntdll.dll

Thanks for sharing the crash log.
Do you have the same result when using the VST3 version?

That happened once. I can’t reproduce it.