FX and Multi Out in Loopmix

Loopmix is fantastic!

A few things would be nice though:

Reverb and delay as send FX on mixer channels and a 8 band parametric EQ and compression as master effects and also multiple outputs so we can use different insert fx per track inside AUM :slightly_smiling_face:

Not really a request or I’m not too sure if it’s meant to be this way:

When I’m in a custom user kit and want to add more samples from another kit, if I accidentally click preview on the whole kit, instead of expanding the kit to see the individual samples in it, the sample slots in the samples manager change to the samples in that other kit so I have to go back to my arrangement and go to the browser again. It feels a bit awkward, is there a nice fix for this?

Thank you!

Hello AvantHarde,

Thanks for reaching out. An FX array is currently under development and we will be porting this to all of our apps. Same goes for multi-out in iPad.

About previewing, at the moment when previewing a kit/preset, the samples are loaded momentarily as it is the only way to do so, we will check if there is another way to do this, and if so, we will deliver with the next update.

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Great news :heart_eyes:

You are awesome!