Mid side information added in Playbeat 3

I noticed that when I play some mono kick samples in Playbeat 3, it appears to add side artifacts that increase the stereo width. Is there a way to avoid this as I want my kick samples to stay in mono?

Hello Matrix,
Could you please send us one of your samples to inspect the issue?

Has the problem been identified in the meantime?
I also have problems with this.
I’m using Playbeat 3.2.4 in Cubase 12.0.70.
If I load a mono sample into playbeat and then drag the stem into cubase via the export function, the result is a stereo stem with offset on the channels.

We have identified a small phasing issue when mono samples are automatically converted to stereo upon importing. We will correct this with our upcoming update.

Thanks for your patience.

That would be wonderful.
Thanks for the effort.