Loopmix Feature wish: Volume Editing

I want to buy Loopmix and work a looot with it, remixing my whole loop library. But!
Here’s what’s sadly holding me back from buying Loopmix:

Volume adjustments in Loopmix are just affecting the whole Slice, and there’s no way to adjust the volume in detail, like via dragging a diagonal line, adding volume-automation-points, or similar functions which are usually part of an envelope editor.

A fundamental volume envelope editor working for each slice, and independently from the slices would be key to being able to edit Loops in a quick and satisfying way. Example: getting rid of reverb tails! That’s impossible to do precisely with the current workflow of Loopmix.

Will be absolutely awesome, if you add this.
All the best, Phil

Ps: since my Loopmix Feature request post about this seemingly disappeared, i ll try to continue the topic as general discussion.

Hi Sternenherz,

Currently Loopmix has been designed to have per-slice effect controls, with Volume being one of them. We will definitely consider adding volume automation points if this is requested by other users as well.


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Thank you!
So i guess i have to hope more people will also ask for this haha :smiley:
All the best