Loopmix - Lock everything on step

Maybe I’m missing something, but it’s not possible to lock a step and all the different “layers” inside without going tab by tab and locking them individually?

For example if step 12 sounds good to me, I would like to lock the position, along with the reverse, density, etc, with just one click, instead of having to go to all tabs and locking them one by one. What if I change my mind? I have to go and do the same thing, tab by tab to unlock, which is not a good workflow.

I think each tab should have a “LOCK” button, that way the user knows that they are only locking that particular layer (for example, the Reverse). Then the LOCK button at the top, would be global, locking the step and all its layers. I think it’s more intuitive that way. Now, it’s a bit confusing, in my opinion.

Something like this (bottom left corner):

I was checking and there’s enough space inside all tabs to include it, even on the Pitch tab, which is the busiest tab

(Sorry for the weird text alignment… I was in a hurry)

This was made as different tabs could have different slices which will affect the ‘lock’ functions therefore we left these separated. We can definitely improve this.