How do I get ChordJam to use Flats instead of Sharps?

Is there a way to get ChordJam to display Scales, Chords, and Notes as flats instead of sharps? For example, a simple way to toggle between denoting Keys as Bb instead of A# and Eb instead of D#. That would be in step with how songs are written on sheet music and how musicians call out the keys at a jam or gig.


Hi John,

At the moment this is n0ot possible but we can definitely add this to one of our upcoming updates.
Stay tuned.

Being a guitar player, I can say most string players think in sharp keys, whereas keyboardists and wind/brass instrumentalists think in flat keys. I don’t know why, but I suppose it’s a tradition that goes way back…

When I score, I adjust the “keys” to reflect the tradition, but personally I’m comfortable with either way of thinking.

Sheet music uses BOTH sharps and flats, and for good reason.
Chuck Berry wrote Johnny B. Goode in the key of Bb, not A#, and he was a guitar player.
Why is it called Bb and not A#?
A look at both Major scales quickly demonstrates why we use flats, not just sharps, for a lot of common Keys.
Bb Major Scale (2 flats): Bb, C, D, Eb, F, G, A, Bb.
A# Major Scale (4 sharps & 3 double-sharps): A#, B#, C##, D#, E#, F##, G##, A#.
The exact same notes, but imagine being a session player and handed sheet music written out in the Key of A#. You’d go bonkers trying to sight read it. You’d much prefer it be written in the Key of Bb. Either way, the same notes, but one is much, much easier to communicate in every way, whether written or verbal.

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