Freezr Keeps Crashing in Bitwig and Reason

Any way to fix this?

Hello StephenJames.

Can you please send us a crash-log so we can investigate the problem?
You can send it to: contact [at] audiomodern [dot] com

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I have had to turn off Crash Reporting on my Mac awhile back due to it causing wake from sleep issues so there is no crash report to send.

Well, what version(s) of Reason/Bitwig/Mac are you using. I’m on Reason 12.7.0d3 (latest) - Win10 (latest) and Freezr crashed for me, too.

I was using Playbeat + 8 Turnado’s (SBs) inside a device called Combinator 2 in Reason 12 which is many devices into one. I then added Freezr to a separate audio output e.g Ch7 - Hi Hat.
Loading up Freezr was fine along with effects for the hi hats but then I moved my mouse cursor to Reason’s Menu browser pressed left click to browse on it and CRASH, a report window pops up telling me that Freezr has crashed.
So, I removed Freezr and continued on with the track for a good 30 minutes and no crash. Saved and closed the Song/Track

After 5 minutes or so I then load the same Song/Track without Freezr then add it to the same position as above, separate out, ch7 etc. Play the track then attempt to move mouse cursor on Reasons Menu browser and the same thing happens… Crash!?

How was your Freezr set up in Reason? I’ll run a few more tests in Reason 12 with and without PB, turnado, combinator


Hello Ch1mpact,

Thanks for your input. Do you perhaps have a crash log?

I’m using Reason 12.7.d3 as well on MacOS Monterey. For my setup, I had a Playbeat instance and the Freezr underneath it. No combinator was used. I always save a file as soon as I’ve created everything so I had that to fall back on.

Fast forward, yesterday evening I did a deep dive with Reason and the above-mentioned setup for about 3 hours and no problems at all.

With Bitwig 5.01 … wow… I was in that last night and the weirdness that ensued included the “complexity” and “wet” sliders automatically reverting to their normal positions on various patches. So I tried making a custom patch, saved it, closed and reopened Bitwig, and same thing. No matter what I do… those two sliders always go back to default positions no matter what.

Hope that helps.

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Sry, no crash log. I have never looked for a crash log but I am interested in doing so. I tried but event viewer did not seem to load properly!? I believe there are other ways of retrieving crash logs so I’ll give them a go in the future.
Anyway, this is why I explained my problem in detail here in the forums :slight_smile:

I repeated what you did in your last reply, Stephen. Also, threw them (PB n’ Freezr) in a Combinator 2 and linked a few knobs n’ switches on the combinator panel, all good, no problems. Tried 2 copies of Freezr and still no crashes.
Specifically, I routed 8 outputs of PB to the 14:2 Mixer. Took one of those PB outs to a freezr and into the 14:2 Mixer, then, repeated the same thing, having 2 Freezr’s running. Combinator, no Combinator, all good, no crash.
As far as Bitwig, would using Freezr in the Reason Rack Pugin (VST) in Bitwig be of any joy or worth it!?
I guess it would help also if Reason Studios as still a major DAW would sort out the MIDI availability for certain plugins and hardware devices.

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also seeing some crashing in REAPER, two just in the last hour. The crashlog (macOS) is pretty useless, but I am happy to send it over if you tell me where. EDIT: I see where, sending…