Duplicate button to extend/duplicate current pattern

Hey team, hope you’re doing well.
If you wouldn’t mind, I will like small request to add basic “Double” button for duplicate/enlarge current pattern like in piano roll of Ableton and most other DAWs. With it you can quickly generate and tweak a little phrase, then extend it and pinch second part of the phrase. As I see In current version, you need to change pattern and loop length, then add notes by hand.

Hi lazyass08,
Thanks for reaching out to us. For which app is the suggestion?

Riffer, forgot to mention

Yes, it is a feature we have added to our Playbeat app when switching from 16 step to 32 steps Sequences. We will definitely port this to Riffer too.

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You, guys, are the best. Riffer won my personal “the greatest sequencer battle” and now lives in almost every project.

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