Default app sizes and color themes options

It will be nice If Chordjam and Playbeat or other audio modern plugins remember the size of the last window, so we don’t need to resize it every time. Or simply give an options like set default apps size to 50%,75%,100%,110%,125%,150% like serum or other plugins.

And the colors, please add other colors schemes/skins, It looks cool but somehow it makes eyes tired quickly


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Hello bitkaster,

Usually the app should remember the size of the last window, could you please let me know your DAW version and OS version so we can try and replicate the problem?


I’m using Windows 11 and Ableton Live 11 v1.16

Here I record the problem

Thanks for the video. In this case you completely delete Chordjam form the channel and re-load it which will bring the window back to its default size.

It is still possible to make the app remember the last chosen size. We will try to bring this with our upcoming update.

Thanks for your patience,

Yes, that’s what I mean, the app stays in the same size after being closed/unloaded. I think adding an option to set the default size is the simplest and most effective