Choke Groups and Scales

Choke Groups and Scales please and will purchase a Win version too :upside_down_face:

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We’re on it!

*About choke groups, have you tried the ‘linear section’ on plugin settings?

If you mean the ‘Linear Group’ Yes I did and I don’t hear any difference definitely not like a Choke group feature, but I did try to play a long sample in a slot and placed another hit on a different track both with Linear Group ON but just sound the same when I should hear the long sample being cut once the sequencer hit another track sample on the same group ?

I see what you mean. Linear is there to arrange the steps after the sequencer is randomized or remixed. I assume you are talking about the tails of each sample. It is definitely something we will try and introduce as new updates roll out.

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Thanks, choke group as you know is a well known feature so having it would be ace and note scales so a randomization of a chord or bass sample couls stay in tune

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