Cannot scroll the list of samples

Hi! I downloaded Beatplayer 3 and I cannot scroll the sample list. I must to touch the thin scroll bar.

Thanks for the great app!

Hello lucpotage, I hope you’re doing well and safe.

Sorry to hear that, this shouldn’t happen. Can you please tell me what is your device model/make so we can try to replicate?

Hi! I’m using Playbeat 3 on iPad Pro 11" 2020 with iOS 15.1.1. I just realize I made a mistake on the app name. :sweat_smile:

Because we have included the drag-n-drop function for the presets to be moved into packs, can you tap with both fingers on the same preset name area and move up/down? This way the scroll will work.


Unfortunately it does not work with two fingers. Drag and drop is triggered immediately and not on long press. I can only hit the small scroll bar for now to browse the list.

Would be great to rely on the platform pattern for browsing this view, one finger to scroll and long press to drag and drop.

Best & happy holiday season.

Hello and. thanks for the information.

That is really strange, placing both fingers in a preset/sample name should allow the scroll own/up to work. We will need to run some more tests and try to correct this behavior with our upcoming 3.1 update.

Thanks for your patience and Happy Holidays!