Tonic for Pitch in Playbeat?

Hi Audiomodern,

I am working on my next video introduction in German. This time it is about Playbeat. I wonder is there an option to set the tonic for pitch? In Chordjam and Riffer it was conveniently easy to find. But in Playbeat I only see that I can set the notes and that’s it. Am I just looking in the wrong place?

Have a great day!

Hi Kai,
This feature is not there yet. We have added it to our new Loopmix app, and we will port this over to Playbeat too very soon.

Thanks, good to know. :slight_smile:
Just had a livestream about Playbeat to get more questions from my viewers. But most of them were content just to watch how I achieve a jazzy beat with the help of Playbeat. It was not easy at first, but after a while I got the hang of it. :sunglasses: