Root note select with midi note not cc?

Hi is it possible to select the root key for sequences via midi note rather than CC - ie the sequence is generated in C perhaps but can be moved to D by pressing a D note on keyboard or any other midi controller - it just seems more logical to transpose this way.

Either way thank you for an app I use probably every day!!! :+1::sunglasses:

Hi, have you tried to toggle to the keyboard mode?
Here’s how: RIFFER by Audiomodern | Performance Mode - YouTube

Hi - thanks for the quick response.

Apologies, I should’ve mentioned I’m working on ios - not sure if the functionality is different?

Yes the ‘midi input’ option allows me to transpose the notes, but my understanding is, that is only within the same key (technically - changing mode i guess?) that is very useful - as is the ability to trigger the start point remotely not slaved to the timeline - all good.

However, I’d like to be able to change key with midi notes, but I cant map midi notes to the key change buttons, only CCs. I can of course do that by tapping on the key buttons above the ‘piano roll’ section, but as a guitarist, that is rarely a viable option. If I could map the key function to notes then I can use bass pedals or maybe even one string output from my guitar synth - though that might be tricky.

Many thanks

Although there isn’t any difference between the iOS & Desktop version, what you suggest is a functionality that will come with our newer version update along with several other new features.

Thank you for your patience,

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