Preset selector not displaying on ATOM

The preset browser on ATOM is not displaying anything. Is this a known issue? How can I remedy this?

Thank you

Hello Meliora,

Thanks for reaching out. This means that some files are either removed or deleted.

I would suggest to re-download or re-extract and re-install the software as described in this video here: Atom V2.0 Update - YouTube

Let me know if everything is fixed!

Hi there. I’m still having the same issue. I deleted all previous downloaded versions as well as all the files that were in my assigned folder for Kontakt. Redownloaded from audiomoderns site but the issue still persists.
When I went in Native Access the product was already registered so my only option was to “repair”. Native Access recognized the new download files but again, same thing is still occurring. Any other suggestions?

Hello Meliora,

Are you able to see the Data folder in your ATOM > Instruments folder?

The Data folder includes all the folders with the presets that you should be able to see in ATOM’s Browser. Here is a screenshot:

If the Data folder is empty, or you are not able to see the Data folder in your Instruments folder, please contact the Audiomodern support and we will be happy to help:

Thank you. I do not see a data folder.