Plugin Update Info / History

is there any possibility to get informed about updated plugin versions? At the moment I need to check download area recently.
Additionally, do you have a version history to see what has been updated?

Hello Lapidar,

Thanks for reaching out. Whenever there is an update which includes significant improvements, we sent out a dedicated newsletter to all users which besides a download URL, also includes a complete changelog of that version. Moreover, if a feature is completely new, it comes with tutorial(s) explaining the new feature(s).

If you still haven’t received our newsletter don’t worry, sometimes it takes more than a day or two to be sent to our users list.

Additionally, you can check or updates page without having to check your account dashboard : Latest Software Updates | Audiomodern

In the near future, we expect for the apps to be automatically updated upon opening them.

Let me know if you have any questions,

Hi Max,
thanks for letting me know!