Playbeat 3.1.5 Triggering melodic tracks from DAW?

I’ve been trying to play Playbeat samples back via creating MIDI in my DAW, but haven’t been able to figure out how to play melodic tracks.

I’ve exported multi-channel midi from PlayBeat 3 to my DAW - and then tried to play back the result using PlayBeat - but couldn’t get that to work.

Is this even possible?

Hello nico5,

Thanks for reaching out. Playbeat uses real-time pitch shifting on its sequencers so feeding MIDI back to it will not ‘print’ the same exact pattern.

Have you tried to trigger the correct inputs via the settings? (see screenshot attached)

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I am able to trigger fine via Fixed Note Input and that works great for slots that don’t need changing pitch in a single sequence.