Panflow speed parameter is reset after restart

Hi, I often use panflow speed parameter to slow down the running pan automation. But each Daw restart/project reopen makes it reset the speed parameter to 1 until I open the gui. When I open the gui the problem fixes. Please suggest way forward or fix the issue.
Mac OS Catalina 14.1.1 / Logic Pro X 10.7.3 and Ableton 12

Hi slow,
Which version of the app are you using? AU/VST or VST3?
Also, this happens after you save and re-load a preset?

Hi! Thanks for the reply. I use ver 1.0.1, it is the latest I guess and it is AU. This does not happen when I reload or switch presets.
Thanks for your dedicated job
Best regards

Thanks for the clarification,

It seems that the Speed is not saved with the plugin state unless the preset is saved. We will be able to solve this with a quick update.

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