Loopmix Custom Scales?

The available scales in the ‘Pitch’ section of Loopmix is great, but is there a way to define scales?

I would like to quantise the note randomisation to root, 5th, octave… so -12, -5, 0, 7 and 12.
Is this possible?


Hello CCMP
This would be a nice addition, we can add it as new updates roll out.

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I would like this feature too. There are Messiaen’s Modes of Limited Rransposition, although many are already there under different names. ( Whole Tone, Diminushed scale ( which has many names in classical, it is two minor tetrachords a tritone aport). But Messiaen has a scale which is an Augmented triad with the upper and lower leading tones added, a variety of other tritone symmetric scales. Yusef Lateef has the “Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns” too.