Create a Separate Unique Icon for the Global Latch Button to Differentiate Between the Individual Parameters Randomization Buttons


Currently Playbeat has the same icon for both the global latch and the individual parameter randomization buttons. I would appreciate it if you could create a unique icon for either one so the user can more easily differentiate between them.


Hello spacev2,

Thanks for reaching out. Which Icon do you mean? Is it for the randomization mode at the top and the sample randomization on the track controls?


Thanks for the reply.

My apologies for the confusion. The terminology used in the user manual is “Temporary Randomization” and “Randomization Dice”.

Here I have attached a picture to illustrate.

Another suggestion could be to implement a optional pop up tooltips in the settings.


Thanks for the screenshot,

This is the randomization button for each one of the tabs. All of them serve the same function, to randomize the values of each tab without the need to open the tab first. therefore we chose to have the same icon.

Well here is an example of 2 different conceptual icon ideas for the “temporary randomization” button that would make more sense in my opinion.


While on our upcoming version we are indeed using a different icon, this seems to be an older version of the app, can you please make sure that you have updated to the latest 3.2.6?