Ableton - automatable lenght bar

hey, it would be awesome to be able to automate the length bar in ableton; so far it doesnt work.

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For which plugin would you be interested in having this feature?
If you mean the length bar in Gatelab, it would be a good idea and we could add this possibility in an upcoming update.

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Hey Miltos, if possible why not for all? I played with this feature in playbeat and it´s really awesome if you could automate like hell there. That would mean so many variations, from a single patch. If you think further (which would be even more awesome) you have a LFO section, Arp/Sequencer which could be assigned to the parameters or randomly changes the position of the length bar. But i think this would be lots of work - only as an idea! I love those things! But back to the main thing - if the parameters would be automatable I could assign something like Modulat and take the LFO from that to modulate these parameters if I dont want to do it manually in the track.

Yes I see what you mean, it would be a good feature for Filterstep too for example. So I’ll leave this thread in the general requests. I have already contacted the rest of the dev-team and received a positive response to this, which means it will be considered for future updates.
In the spirit of continuous improvement more features like these could be added in the future so please feel free to post your ideas here.

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