Panflow questions

Hi - I’ve had and loved a bunch of your plugins for several years now, and just discovered Panflow at the exact moment needed something that could do random panning!

2 question:

  1. The Threshold control seems to cause some distortion when the level of the incoming signal is around the threshold level. I’m driving it with Pianotek at a reasonable level, and there is no distortion when Threshold is set to 0 dB. But as soon as i lower the threshold, I get distortion. (And a feature request - would it be possible to include an “Invert” button so that only signals above the threshold are panned?)

  2. What exactly does the control labeled with a feather do? The video says it’s a “smoothing” control but doesn’t demonstrate it, and I can’t see or hear any difference when I move the control…what is it smoothing?


Hi tonycore,
The smooth control will allow smoother transitions between pan values. About the distortion when using the threshold control, which is your OS and DAW version so we can try and replicate this? Also which Planflow plugin type are you using (AU, VST, VST3) ?