What's the timeline on a Riffer update? It's been years. Discontinued?

What’s the timeline on a Riffer update? It’s been years. Discontinued?

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I second this, it’s been a bit

We are currently beta testing our upcoming Riffer version 4. No ETA yet, but we believe it will be available soon.


V4 - Good to hear - it’s a great program. Can I suggest the following which would really improve it’s use .

A - When you change scale get the light/dark rows background to line up - so the notes ‘in scale’ are on white and the notes ‘not in scale’ are on the dark/light grey rows. As in fact happens in Ableton. You could allow an option to manually add a note out of scale maybe??

B - Related to above - the build your own scale doesn’t work. If for example I wanted a scale of C, D F# and A# - to my mind if I select that - and press the dice - I’d expect only those notes - namely C, D, F# and A# to appear.

Why would you want to do that you may ask? Well I want Riffer to drive my Drums plugin and those notes just happen to be the Kick, the Snare the Open and Closed Hi-Hats . Allow me to hold in place the Kick and Snare and now I have a Drum beat with constantly changing Hats - neat!

C - Give me a clear button - press it - all notes disappear giving blank canvass - just like when you fire it up for the first time. The cluttered canvass with light notes (whatever they are) and notes (black) is confusing and doesn’t seem to add anything. If it does, and I’m not aware of it - make an option so I can switch it off

D - For the love of god do a normal pdf - you can’t print the all dark version it looks awful and my goodness the amount of ink wasted in the land of saving resources. Dark ok for screen but plain old normal for a pdf please. I needed it printed large to read.

E - VST3 I assume?

F - If I (using the ‘-’ option - bottom left of the canvass) trim to say 6 rows and have 8 notes available on a 16 grid and ask for 4 notes to be on the root - in this case C is the bottom row and chosen root note - it does NOT force 4 notes on to the bottom row C - the number just varries including none - Bug

G - As I said - overall it’s potentially a super program - but in it’s current state you can’t push it into nuance areas where you would be able to create really interesting variations - which is frustrating. Put me down as a beta tester - I want this to work!

cheers - love and moonbeams all round