Riffer assigning midi channel

When I press or click to change the midi channel assignment for each of the four Riffs it is extremely buggy trying to drag the channel numbers up and down. Can we use the keyboard or give us a menu with the available midi channels? This is a HUGE time sucker.

Hello rechill,

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear that, this shouldn’t happen.
Can you please tell me which Riffer version are you using and what is your OS version?

Riffer 3.1.0
iOS 15.2.1 on iPad 9th gen

At first I thought it was the clear screen cover interfering with the interface but when I use an iPad mouse, the same behavior occurs. It’s in Settings and it’s External MIDI Outputs and MIDI CC Mappings where this is happening.

Thanks for the information,

It seems there is a small issue which is happening on certain iOS versions which we will correct with our upcoming update.

Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for your prompt reply, looking forward to the update. Major kudos on the app. I am loving this.

I would like to bump this thread because I am having exactly the same problem with the latest Riffer version (3.1.4) on an iPad 9th generation running iOS 15.5. This app is great, but please fix this because using Riffer with multiple MIDI outputs is just not possible at the moment.