Playbeat 3.2.6 settings/info/browser window not opening properly with Studio One 6.6

Whenever I open Playbeat 3.2.6 and try to access the browser, settings, or info window, the popup does not slide in properly. It seems to open off-panel and out of view, requiring me to resize the plugin window. If I make the window larger, the popup window will suddenly appear, though will behave glitchily. I use Studio One 6.6 on a windows 11 23H2 desktop (12th gen i7, 32gig ram). I am not seeing the same error happening with Riffer 3.1.2 or Chordjam 1.5.2. I tried reinstalling Playbeat and it did not fix it. It also happens if I am in a new session with no other plugins loaded.

I suspect this might be related to Studio One, as the latest patch had a similar problem with Scaler. It seems like too huge and obvious a glitch to not be specific to my system or DAW somehow, or someone would have noticed it a while ago.

Hi, is this happening with the VST2, VST3 or both?

Confirmed on my system at least that VST2 is working but VST3 has the problem. Also, the patch today to Studio One 6.6.1 didn’t fix it for me.

Thanks for the information,

I can only assume that it is an issue that was introduced with a latest Studio One version update possibly affecting other apps too. We will check what might be happening here.