Midi Maping DJTT spectra and twister in Playbeat

Hello, Im trying to map playbeat with DJTT twister and spectra controllers,
In the twister i get it to work with some features,
In the spectra, not…

Twister: The knobs are knobs but they can also be a push bottom and also a super knob function which allows a knob to be used in two different things at the same time, I can only get it to work with one of this options, and also I can´t get to send midi out from playbeat to the controller so the lights in the controller change if I push a bottom (on and off) is this possible?
The twister is set to be in channel one , I can see that this works if I put both omni or channel one.

Spectra; the spectra is set to channel 3 (inside spectra), the CC or notes in playbeat do not correspond to the CC or notes in the spectra user guide, I was able to confirm doing random search to get one note to work (so playbeat it is recognizing the control), but those do not correspond to the controllers.
If I put OMNI (which I dont know what it is) both controllers are recognized, In this mode the spectra In bank 2, CC 17 to 20, trigger 5 to 8 sample triggers, and CC 21 to 24 trigger 1 to 4 sample triggers in playbeat, so the controller is recolonized by playbeat.

If I activate the midi learn, the twister is recognized (with the thing I mention above, like not recognizing the knob and bottom separately) but it is recognized.
The twister is not recognized in midi learn at all.

Thanks for helping me!

Hello DJPJ,

I assume you meant the spectra is not recognized, correct?

We might need to do some troubleshooting here as we haven’t -yet- tested with this specific controllers. Dos this controller reach your MIDI interface the same way as the Twister in terms of routing? Is this happening in Standalone mode or when using the app in a DAW?

Hello, thanks for the response!

Yes this controller is routed the same way as the twister, and It happens both, in standalone and in daw (AUM).