Loopmix crash in Reason and Ableton

I am attaching text from a thread over on the Reason forum. The behavior, as per the Reason devs, can be reproduced in Ableton, so the conclusion is that the issue likely resides within the VST’s code.

Initial report:
Ventura 13.0.1
Trial version here: Loopmix by Audiomodern | The Creative Loop Remixer

Add Audiomodern Loopmix VST3 to rack.
Open it, press space bar to play.
Close out of VST’s interface
Now delete the VST from the rack either by selecting it and pressing delete or by contextual menu > Delete Devices and Tracks

Reason crashes.

Also crashes with same steps Windows 11 Home 21H2, AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
with 12.5.97d27 LOGGING
“Assertion failure in: C:\Builds.…\Portable_Shame\ReAlizer.cpp(5332)”

Reason dev follow up:
We have examined this issue a little closer. We have received reports about this from end users as well.
It’s quite clearly indicated that there is a problem with Loopmix. Both crashes are in Loopmix and not in our code.

This bug can be even more easily triggered by:

  1. Add a loopmix vst device in Reason
  2. Open the loopmix plugin window and close it
  3. Reset the vst device

Loopmix can also crash Ableton. Tried the following:

  1. Add a track with Loopmix
  2. Save the vst presets to a file
  3. Close the Loopmix vst window
  4. Load the vst presets from the file
  5. Ableton crashes

I will close this ticket now since there is nothing we can do about this.

Please feel free to contact Audiomodern about this bug.

Hope you find the solution. I am also a Reason user, R12. I only have Playbeat but held back from buying Loopmix because Playbeat was not fully functional with Reason at the time and was crashing in some cases.
Playbeat 3.2.4 is a lot better in Reason now but there is some panning issues so I’ll start my own thread for that. No crashing now.
What version of Reason are you using? I assume Reason devs are running the latest.
If you own Playbeat and how does that run in Reason for you?

I would like to purchase Loopmix so hopefully this can be looked at soon.


Thanks for the detailed feedback,
Our upcoming 1.1.2 version fixes this issue. Please expect the update to be available by next week.

Thank you for your patience.

Yes, I have been having the same issue with Loopmix in Ableton as well, consistently crashes after a while. All other plugins from Audiomodern work without a hitch though…